Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important!

When shopping with Smoozle and Bone we collect your personal information to ensure a safe and enjoyable shopping experience. This page is here to inform you of how we collect that information, what we do with it, and how to protect yourself.

What information do we collect?

When creating an account, signing up for our membership program, newsletters, and making a purchase we collect various information. This may include but not limited to your name, address, phone numbers & email address. Cookies will also collect session information including but not limited to session duration, pages viewed and demographics of transactions made. There is more information regarding cookies in this privacy policy.


When entering your details on our site, you consent to us using that information for that specific reason only. If we ask for your information for another specific reason (e.g. Marketing) we will ask for direct consent or give you the option to decline.

If you wish to withdraw your consent you need to do so in writing. Our contact details can be found on our contact us page.


We will never disclose your personal information unless required to by law or you violate our terms of service. Other than that, your information is safe and secure.

Third Parties:

At Smoozle and Bone, we treat all your personal information as completely private and confidential, it will not be shared with any third party providers, under any terms.

Once you leave our store’s website or are redirected to a third-party website you are no longer governed by this privacy policy or our terms of service. We are not responsible for any privacy practices of other websites and recommend you read their privacy policy statements.


We use cookies to ensure you enjoy a pleasant shopping experience with us. Cookies are small text files that help us remember your preferences and setting and improve our web-page’s functionality. They also help us with statistics and advertising.

Cookies are also used to collect other data including but not limited to pages viewed, IP origin, and transactions made. We use this information to help us improve our website and in turn, provide a better shopping experience. We do not use cookies to collect any information that could be used to identify or track individuals.

By using our website, you (the visitor) agree to allow third parties to process your IP address, in order to determine your location for the purpose of currency conversion. You also agree to have that currency stored in a session cookie in your browser (a temporary cookie that gets automatically removed when you close your browser). We do this in order for the selected currency to remain selected and consistent when browsing our website so that the prices can convert to your (the visitor) local currency.

Changes to our Privacy Policy:

Heads up, we may adjust our privacy policy without notice at any time. Please check back from time to time to ensure that you are up to date with the current policy.

For any other questions or support please contact us via the contact form provided on the contact us page.