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Limited Edition Christmas Blanket

Limited Edition Christmas Blanket

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Our limited edition Christmas fleece blankets are pawfect for those cosy winter evenings in embroidered with a Christmas tree personalised with your best friends name 

We at Smoozle & Bone are proud to introduce our best-selling cuddly, warm, soft, and Personalised dog fleece blankets! All of our fleece blankets are completely hand-made in Devon and bespoke per customer.

There is nothing better in the evening than tucking in your dog when it gets chilly... Also, why not join your little furry friend underneath the blanket for a nice cuddle? All of our blankets are crafted with high-quality fabrics - so, you and your pup can snuggle at night while watching your favourite TV channels.

As a bonus, we offer the option of Personalisation on all of our fleece blankets. This means your pooch will still remain stylish even though they are keeping nice and snug. 

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