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Luxury Snuggle Beds

Luxury Snuggle Beds

Luxury Snuggle Beds

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We at Smoozle and Bone know how important it is for your dog to feel comfortable and cosy at all times. This is why we have made sure all of our snuggle beds are super snuggly! So, your little pooch can return to a warm place of relaxation during these cold wintery times.

All of our Luxury Snuggle Beds are like our snuggle sacks, but with a 7cm cushion pad in the base. These are absolutely perfect for pooches that love that extra bit of comfort. 

Just so all of our beloved customers know - all of our snuggle beds are completely hand-made and contain anti-allergenic fabrics. We don't only take pride in giving your dog comfort and warmth; oh no... we also place great emphasis on your dog's safety.

They have a zip on the underside so the cushion base can be easily removed for washing. We would also recommend hand washing your snuggle bed; however, they can be washed at a cool temperature of 30 degrees.


This item is not a toy, and it is the owner's responsibility to check for wear and tear. It is also the owner's responsibility to check and maintain safety for their little pooch at all times.

Please see our ‘Snuggle Bed Size Guide’ tab at the bottom of the page for more information on how to correctly order your snuggle bed. We pride ourselves on providing the best experience possible for the hound and human.

Cave Bed Size Guide

Approximate Internal Dimensions:
Small (S): 52 x 43 x 30cm
Medium (M): 60 x 48 x 30cm
Large (L): 68 x 53 x 30cm

Luxury Snuggle Bed Size Guide

Small (S): 60 x 50 cm

Medium (M): 72 x 68 cm

Large (L): 110 x 80cm

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It is entirely the customer’s responsibility to ensure the suitability of our products for your pets. We recommend that you check daily for any signs of wear.

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