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Hemp oil

Hemp oil

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The Bugalugs Organic Hemp Oil is a 100% natural supplement enriched with omega 3 for dogs, 6, 9 and Vitamins A, D & E. Designed to keep anxious pets calm during stressful situations, whilst maintaining immune systems and promoting healthy joint and hip function.

This calming supplement for dogs, cats and pets helps to nourish dry and itchy skin, it reinvigorates coat condition, assists in digestive health, and supports cognitive function and mood to help alleviate stress related habits, such as scratching. It also helps to calm dogs who suffer from separation anxiety, it calms destructive puppy habits, and keep your pet relaxed throughout the day. The Hemp Oil can be used alongside other supplements such as salmon oil, plaque remover, peanut butter for dogs and dog calming plug-in products.

Simple and easy to administer, simply use the included dropper to place the correct amount of oil either into your pet’s mouth, directly on to their food or on to dog bones. The recommended amount is stipulated on the of back of the bottle and is based on the weight of your pet. The Hemp Oil is 100% cold pressed, organic and has no artificial additives or preservatives. Great for calming dogs, reducing anxiety and promoting your dog’s health.

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