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Games Night Stick Or Twist

Games Night Stick Or Twist

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Games night Live on Instagram 7pm on the Thursday 13th of June 

Plus £4 postage as we still have to ship the items 

How it Works 

Each bag will be numbered and we will have a box of numbers that we will pull from 

You purchase however many tickets you wish to play, each ticket is £20

Bags will have £30 or more worth of goods inside, which can be ANYTHING from our whole range mats treats toys bags new exclusive products accesories any product on our site please ensure to note the size of your pooch and then we can ensure if you have wearable items in your bag we can give you the correct size when packing the orders 

Each person will get a turn and your name will be called during the live, 

We will pick a number at random from our box and match to the bag with same number.

After showing you the contents of the bag, you have the choose to keep it or select another number from the box, if you choose to twist and pick another number you have to keep it.

If you are not on during the live we will pick your number and bag there will be no twist.



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