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Cranberry and Mistletoe Shampoo & Cologne

Cranberry and Mistletoe Shampoo & Cologne

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Introducing the Bugalugs Christmas Edition Cranberry & Mistletoe Dog Grooming Bundle

Celebrate the “Paw-lidays” in style with Bugalugs Christmas Edition Cranberry and Mistletoe Dog Grooming Duo. This duo captures the joy of the season, offering the Cranberry and Mistletoe Dog Shampoo and the Cranberry and Mistletoe Dog Cologne, ensuring your furry friend is ready to “sleigh” the holiday festivities & be best in snow Dog Shampoo: Get your pup into the “howl-iday” spirit with our special edition shampoo. Infused with a berrylicious scent this pH-balanced formula works its magic to remove dirt and grime, leaving your dog’s coat feeling furry and bright + irresistibly soft. Like all our shampoos, it’s vegan and cruelty-free,

Cranberry and Mistletoe Dog Cologne: Keep the holiday cheer alive between baths with our enchanting cologne. The crisp scent of cranberries and the gentle allure of mistletoe will have your furry friend smelling as fresh as a snowy winter morning. With Aloe Vera and Pro-vitamin B5, it pampers the coat while ensuring your pet is odour free. It’s vegan, pH balanced, and rigorously tested by humans, never animals.

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