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Bugalugs Plaque Remover

Bugalugs Plaque Remover

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Stay in control of your pet’s oral hygiene with Bugalugs Plaque Remover. Created from hand harvested Irish seaweed this 100% natural supplement helps remove plaque and tartar build up.

Suitable for both cats and dogs, this powder supplement is a rich source of calcium, vitamins, and minerals. A combination that supports healthy teeth & gums whilst promoting fresh breath.

The anti-tartar blend is made from all-natural sustainable ingredients which are cruelty free and safe for your pet. Simply, sprinkle the recommend amount into your dog’s daily meal using the spoon provided, to prevent future build up. It’s that easy and mess free!

To ensure your dog gets the correct portion size always refer to the feeding guide below. The easy-to-use spoon provided in your tub makes feeding time effortless. Find the recommended scoop amount for the size of your pet, mix, and serve!

Continuous use of Bugalugs Plaque Remover should provide your dog with results after 3-8 weeks.

Plaque Remover Feeding Guide Chart

Using natural seaweed as a complementary pet food for your cat and dog also provides many other health benefits to ensure your pet is cared for in the best way. These benefits include:

  • A healthy balanced diet
  • Assisting your pet with gas & digestion
  • Helps keep their skin & coat healthy.
  • & Supports their immune system

Whether you have a young or senior dog this plaque remover supplement is easier to use than a toothbrush. Recommend for use alongside dental sticks, dental treats, and other natural dog teeth cleaning products.

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